As the COVID-19 crisis persists, many of our patients have had to postpone their preventative dental care appointments to a later date. As your trusted dentist in Herndon, VA, we wanted to provide some tips on how you can continue to care for your teeth while at home. A healthy diet supports a healthy smile. Here are three snacks to avoid during this quarantine:


Candy is notoriously tough on your teeth. Gummy candies coat their sugars in a sticky residue which makes them cling to your teeth surfaces. These sugars get into the crevices of your mouth and will eventually harden into plaque or tartar if left there. Sour candy contains harmful acids that wear down your tooth enamel and can cause tooth sensitivity over time. We especially see this causing a problem for our younger patients who include a lot of candy in their diet. When you are craving a sweet snack, try reaching for some apple slices instead. They are coated in natural sweetening agents that are known to leave you with fresher breath. They also contain Vitamin C, which will help your mouth fight off gum disease.

Potato Chips

Potato chips can be just as hard on your teeth as candy is. This is because they are excessively starchy. These starches break down to simple sugars in your mouth as they are digested. This means that the starches can cling to your teeth surfaces just as easily. In addition to the starches, potato chips are also very crunchy. For our patients who suffer from jaw pain or a TMJ disorder, this snack should definitely be avoided to prevent pain or discomfort. Crunchy snacks like potato chips overwork your jawbone as you chew them. Instead, try opting for a softer snack like cubed or sliced cheese. Cheese is a great snack for your smile not only because it’s easier to chew but also because it contains calcium, which is a necessary nutrient for your smile.


Soda might as well be considered a snack with all the sugar that is included in it. Even if you choose sugar-free soda, the carbonated acids coat your enamel and wear it down over time. Not only does soda contribute to tooth decay but it also contains a lot of staining agents. Sodas are filled with artificial colors that can cause tooth discoloration or dullness. If you do indulge in a soda, make sure to drink it with a straw to help it avoid coating your teeth. However, a better alternative to soda would be a glass of water or a fruit smoothie. Fruit smoothies are delicious, fun to make, and great for your teeth. Put any kind of fruit you want into a smoothie, but we suggest kiwis and strawberries. These fibrous additions are filled with calcium and vitamin C to help your dental health out even more.

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