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Dentures & Partials in Herndon DENTURES & PARTIALS AN OVERVIEW

Missing teeth can have detrimental effects on your confidence, oral health, and dental function. Replacing missing teeth can restore function and health to your smile. Dentures can replace a full arch or an entire set of missing teeth. Today’s dentures are designed with a patient’s unique needs in mind. Dentures can provide a stable, comfortable solution to lost teeth. Depending on your needs, you can choose from options such as implant secured dentures, partial dentures, or cosmetic dentures. Replacing lost teeth will give you back your smile confidence and your quality of life, enabling you to once again enjoy the foods you love and to speak with clarity.

During a visit to our Herndon, VA dentist office you can explore your treatment options for replacing your missing teeth. We offer a wide range of denture options to suit your cosmetic goals, budget, and dental health needs.

As an experienced restorative dentist in Herndon VA, Dr. Mark Jefferies is committed to helping you achieve a healthier smile. We can work with you to understand your needs and tailor a personalized treatment plan to best suit your needs and goals. Our goal is to provide you with a tooth replacement option that offers long-lasting, natural-looking results.



When you lose a tooth, it can impact the way you speak, chew, and interact with others. Finding the right tooth replacement options is key to restoring your dental health and enabling you to smile confidently again. While traditional dentures do offer patients a comfortable solution for their lost teeth, in comparison, implant secured dentures are proven to last longer, provide extended comfort, and restore full function to your smile. Whenever applicable, patients choose
Securing dentures with dental implants offers several long term advantages, including:

  • Restores biting and chewing function
  • Reduce bone loss in the jaw and facial sagging due to bone loss
  • Long lasting, stable solution to tooth loss
  • A greater sense of comfort and security in your smile
  • Minimizes irritation to the mouth, gums, and soft tissues



To find the best tooth replacement option for you, you will undergo a consultation with Dr. Jefferies. During your consultation, we will discuss your dental concerns and cosmetic goals. We will also perform a full evaluation of your smile to assess the condition of your teeth, guns, and jaw. The information obtained during your consultation will be used as a foundation for your personalized treatment plan.

Once the type of dentures to be placed is established, we will tailor your treatment plan. We will then take impressions of your teeth and work with you to create your ideal restoration. Once your dentures are fabricated, we fit and place your dentures to restore beauty and function to your smile.

If dental implants are being used to secure your denture, we may work with a local surgeon for the surgical phase of your implant procedure. Once the implants are placed into the jaw, they will require 3-6 months to fully heal. After the implants have healed, we will take another set of impressions and send them to a dental lab for the fabrication of your final dentures.

During your final appointment, we will secure your new cosmetic dentures to your dental implants for a long lasting, stable solution for your missing teeth.

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