Due to COVID-19, Dr. Jefferies has made a few changes to the way our office will operate. Please read this correspondence in its entirety so you are fully prepared for your upcoming appointment(s).

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope this letter finds you well. I would like to share our excitement in reopening our doors (tentatively) on June 1, 2020! We are all excited to see your smiling faces again. Our team is dedicated to our mission in keeping our patients and staff safe and our environment of care a top priority. In efforts to accomplish our goal we have implemented new protocols and processes to meet and succeed the recommended guidelines provided by OSHA, CDC and ADA, in addition to VA state requirements and recommendations. I would like to share with you these changes and welcome any questions you may have.

  1. All appointment “check in” and “check outs” will be streamlined for your convenience by allowing you to “check in” remotely from your car and make copayments online or over the phone. When you arrive to your scheduled appointment, please TEXT or CALL us at (703)793-1771 to let us know you have arrived. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. All “check ins” require a 48 hour and “day of” wellness questionnaire and temperature check.
  2. To avoid congestion in the reception and treatment room areas, only guests scheduled for an appointment are invited to the third floor to meet their Dental Care Provider. A parent or caregiver who needs to provide assistance will be asked to pass a wellness screening and temperature check. Accompanying guests are encouraged to wait in their cars or reception area until the appointment is over. Our reception area seating has been modified to promote required social distancing.
  3. Appointments will be properly managed to allow for social distancing, therefore, it will be important for all patients to show up as scheduled for their reserved time. The availability of appointments may be temporarily impacted as we continue to transition back into operations.

There are some additional changes that have been made to the office that you may or may not notice….

  •  The integration of new air purification systems have been added
    • #1 rated IQ Air purifiers with 5 levels of filtration in each treatment room
    • Extra-Oral suction in each operatory with HEPA and UV air filtration
    • UVGI technology installed in the Air Duct system to destroy viruses, bacteria and molds
    • Newest Intra Oral suction devices. Releaf and Zyris systems
  • Upgraded and additional Personal Protective Equipment will be used by all clinical staff per CDC and OSHA guidelines.
  • Conveniently located hand sanitizer dispensers by the elevator, on the front desk and near the treatment rooms. Please use the sanitizer before entering and leaving the office.
  • All staff are required to do daily wellness and temperature checks each morning and afternoon.
  • Teledental consultations are also available. Please speak with one of our wonderful patient coordinators to schedule at 703-793-1771.
Please note that Dr Jefferies is and has always been available for Dental emergencies. If you are experiencing a dental emergency call Dr Jefferies at 703-675-9188. We will do our best to manage all appointments efficiently. Despite these new changes, we will continue to evaluate and update protocols based on the recommendations by our governing bodies.We appreciate your patience as we navigate through this new normal with you. I know it has been a difficult past few months. The future of Dentistry will be different but as we get used to the new protocols they will become second nature. Thank you for your trust and loyalty and we look forward to seeing you soon.Wishing you all well,Mark Jefferies, DMD Mark Jefferies, DMD

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