At Herndon Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, our dentists provide a wide array of services, including emergency dental services. Dr. Mark Jefferies is an emergency dentist in Herndon, VA who provides patients immediate care for their smiles. Along with his professional team, Dr. Jefferies is passionate about helping patients get the treatment they need. Receiving emergency dental care as soon as possible can prevent the development of complex oral health problems.


Common Dental Emergencies

There are several emergencies that we can treat in our office. Learn more about what you can do in the event of a dental emergency below:

  • Severe Tooth or Gum Pain: Toothaches and sharp, sudden tooth or gum pain are often signs of an infection. Please call our office for prompt treatment if you have tooth or gum pain. We will find the cause of your pain and provide the appropriate treatment.
  • Broken Or Lost Permanent Tooth: Did you lose a permanent tooth? Try to locate your lost tooth and place it in a cup of cold milk to transport it to our office. We may be able to reattach it or will recommend a dental implant to replace the tooth at the root. If you have just chipped or cracked a tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply pressure to the area. Porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or tooth bonding can repair your broken tooth.
  • Broken or Lost Dental Restoration: If you have lost or broken your dental crown, bridge, or denture, do not try to reattach it on your own. Call our office so we can provide you with a replacement. We do not recommend that our patients try to reattach their broken restorations as they can damage their teeth or gums. Our team will help you find the right replacement and coordinate your care.
  • Excessive Bleeding: It is important for patients to take note of abnormal bleeding, especially after dental treatment. For example, if you have just had a wisdom tooth extraction, you may need to replace your gauze every hour or so. However, if the extraction site keeps bleeding, keep gauze at the tooth socket and contact our office immediately.

Contact Our Dental Office Today

Please schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Jefferies online if you do not have a dental emergency. New patients can contact Herndon Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at (703) 570-1152. Current patients may call (703) 793-1771.

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